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Gift Your Ride The Best!

We, at Corleone Forged believe that every vehicle needs the best set of wheels, which is why there is no compromise in quality in any of the wheel sets in our catalog. Pick out the one that suits your style, and ride more miles! We do not compromise when it comes to Customer Satisfaction, which is why when you step in the world of Corleone Forged, you will not leave disappointed!


PEAK Aesthetics

It Won’t Get Better Than This!

When you select Corleone Forged, you simply select the best. Every set of wheels in our catalog has gone through an intense thought process to bring out the best for you!

  • Unmatched Durability
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Signature Corleone Forged Finish
  • A Large Selection of Sizes


Customer Reviews

rhino_customs customer

“Badass wheels”

naturalbornbullies dealer

“Dam y’all cease to amaze me ????”

navy_blue_75 customer

“Corleone, yall ballin'! I'm proud of yall progress, keep up the fantastic job!”

ballplaya_stacyb dealer

““man I love it!!! Thanks to the whole CorleoneForged team !!””

Giovanni dealer

“Love that copper on black”

When you Select Corleone Forged, You Select Perfection!

Every set of wheels you find in our catalog has been through R&D, with State-of-the-Art equipment to create those wheels for you! So, don’t be shy in picking out the wheels from our catalog. Pimp out your ride today with the Hottest and the most Amazing set of collection that you will ever lay eyes on!
CorlHere to serve you with the best and most durable collection of American wheels in the market!


Choose Your Poison

The first move in getting your next Corleone Forged Wheels is for you to select what wheel style you want better for your ride. Is it a station wagon? A Sporty Convertible? Or a Heavy 4 x 4? With over 200 different designs to pick from, there'll certainly be at least one, if not many designs that you would fall in love with.

Corleone Forged Wheels are all hand built in the house and we are proud to have some of the most creative and complex designs to make the vehicle stand out from the rest. When you shop at Corleone Forged, You shop for quality.